Multi Project Tracker Template | EXCEL, Google Sheets

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Save hours of repetitive work and stay on top of your projects.

You can manage up to 50 projects and track team workload with interactive dashboard, automated timeline, Gantt Chart and Kanban view.

About The Template

Our project management template in Google Sheets and Excel offers a comprehensive solution for organizing, tracking and completing your projects efficiently.

This special edition supports up to 50 projects, 10 project phases & 30 team members.

  • Create project schedules, define project phases, set up tasks and monitor progress all in one place
  • Get a high-level overview of project status, timelines, and workload, allowing you to make informed decisions and stay on top of your game
  • Track your team working capacity with dashboard report on team performance

Who is this template designed for?

The Project Multi Project Tracker Template is a perfect tool for project managers, team leaders, small business owners, freelancers or students for team and personal task management.

What's Included in This Template

The file contains 5 main Tabs & 2 additional User Guide tabs.

  • Tab 1: Project Overview

  • Tab 2: Project Dashboard

  • Tab 3: Task Backlog

  • Tab 4: Calendar View

  • Tab 5: Timeline View

  • Tab 6: Kanban View

  • Tab 7: Project Settings

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You'll receive 1 PDF file including your link to generate a Google Sheet copy or a Excel file download link.

Google Sheet / Excel
What's inside
7 Main Tabs
Input Prompt Guide

Multi Project Tracker Template | EXCEL, Google Sheets

0 ratings
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